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Just a simple wooden spoon

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…but such a lovely one at that.

Last weekend I popped into Kobo A-B, a new shop opened on Magdalen Street in Norwich. I’ve been wanting to get to this store for a while now, as the stock is focussed on Japanese goods (which is obviously going to excite me). The stock in the shop is amazing, particularly the fabric (sashiko, boro and antique kimono) and the wooden cutlery. A picked up a little teaspoon for a friend, and I picked up this wooden spoon/scoop. Its remarkably simple (not surprising I guess given the origin) but incredibly tactile and beautifully made. Usefully, two level scoops measure out 17g of coffee beans ready to grind and be brewed in an Aeropress. That reminds me…I’d really like a new container to store my beans in.

Kobo A-B is a great little shop, and a welcome addition to Magdalen Street (probably the most diverse street in Norwich – and long may it stay that way). You can check out their stock on their Instagram.

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