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I went to a bad place…

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…but it was surprisingly OK.

Takayama Restaurant – Ipswich

There’s a place to the south of Norfolk, which contains people known as the South Folk. The South Folk can be OK, but when you get near to a certain town (not City) things can go a little awry. It was therefore with much trepidation that I set off for the PhotoEast festival in darkest Ipswich.

Takayama Restaurant – Ipswich

Before we took our jaunt around the exhibitions of PhotoEast we needed to eat (having left Norwich at the reasonable hour of 10:30). A quick internet search, and a gentle walk from Ipswich Waterfront took us to Takayama Restaurant. This is a Japanese and Korean restaurant, and it’s really decent. I had the bibimbap with bulgogi. The rice was nice, with a good mix of vegetables and a decent spicy sauce…with the expected marinaded beef.

Takayama Restaurant – Ipswich

My companions had tonkatsu and chicken katsu curry respectively, both of which were also tasty and devoured in short order. Both also came with fried gyoza, and I managed to prise one dumpling from A’s chopsticks – and very good it was too. So, if you find yourself in that dark and forbidding town – you can at least get yourself some decent food.

Takayama Restaurant – Ipswich

As for PhotoEast – it was really good. Mark Power’s The Shipping Forecast was probably the headline act – but for me the hanging let it down a little as the glass used in the frames was super reflective. Still a really interesting project though. I also very much enjoyed Daniel Meadow’s work – but the highlight for me was Martha by Sian Davey. These were a really interesting series of portraits and documentary photographs of Sian’s step daughter. There were some really interesting, intimate and evocative shots. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in that bad place for the next week or so.


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